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My Journey

When I turned 30, I thought I had my life figured out. I was married, with two young daughters, had given up my teaching career to be a stay-at-home mom, and was living the life I thought I wanted- proverbial white picket fence included. The problem...I was unhappy, more like miserable. I thought these were the ALL things I wanted, so why did it all feel so wrong?

I soon realized that I was miserable in my marriage. Depression set in and it was challenging to find joy in anything. It felt like I was in a dark hole that was impossible to climb out of. I used to put videos on for my girls so I could go cry in the bedroom or lay in bed for hours, fantasizing about a different life. For the sake of my daughters and myself, I needed to make a massive change.

On a soul level, I knew I needed leave my marriage. However, the guilt and shame that surrounded me, told me to stay because this was the choice I had made. My friends and family couldn't understand how I could possibly be unhappy. On paper, my life looked perfect, yet I had never felt so alone in my life.


It wasn't until I engaged in a variety of healing, coaching, and therapeutic modalities that I recognized that I needed to rediscover my purpose, passion and self. And this included ending marriage for the sake of myself, my girls and all my relationships. 




I did not want to model a love-less life, and so I left. I soon began to rediscover all the parts of myself, I had lost in my relationship. I reawakened my sexuality and passion and soon found my depression beginning to lift. Life as a single-mom was challenging, but I made it my mission to maintain healthy communication with my ex and to this day, we continue to co-parent like rock stars.


My own healing journey slowly began to meld with my professional world, offering support to others in all the aspects I was continuing to learn and evolve with myself. I found solace and understanding in the archetype of the goddess and priestess. I began to connect my own cycles with the cycle of the moon. Ironically, it was through my dating life that I became fascinated with psychology and the confusing behavior of single life. In other words, after multiple crazy experiences (the tell-all book is being written now), I was compelled to learn more about the human psyche and relationships in general. This led me to pursue a degree in mental health counseling with a transpersonal and art therapy twist.

To this day, I continue to draw upon my eclectic background as educator, energy healer, meditation instructor and feng shui consultant- all grounded in attachment theory and humanistic psychology. I consider myself to be the bridge between the world of science and academia, connected with the realm of the metaphysical or world of woo, as I like to call it. The combination of these two powerful polarities have allowed me to create an amazing support system for healing the relationships of all areas of life, but most importantly with the self.


It is my strong belief that this work is an inside job and creating a healthy relationship with oneself will lead to juicy, delicious and supportive relationships with others.


If you feel drawn to work with me, I would love to schedule a free inquiry call where we can connect and see how my offerings may serve you to help support your on your personal journey of growth, starting with self-love. I am constantly discovering new ways to create balance within myself and would be honored to help you do the same.


Professional Bio

  • Program Manager/Clinical Supervisor ~ Boulder Strong Resource Center

  • Trauma Art Therapist ~ Boulder Strong Resource Center

  • Child, Adolescent & Family Therapist/ Health & Wellness Coach ~ Mental Health Partners

  • Art Therapist Intern ~ Naropa Community Counseling Center

  • MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Transpersonal Psychology & Art Therapy ~ Naropa University

  • Trauma informed training incorporating Art Therapy and Equine Therapy ~ Naropa University

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) & Registered Art Therapist-Provisional (ATR-P)

  • Conscious Uncoupling Certified Coach ~  Trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas

  • Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Home Stager ~ Feng Shui Designs

  • Reiki I Certification ~ Usui Shiko Ryoho

  • Meditation Instruction and Clairvoyant Training ~ Psychic Horizon's Center

  • MA, Teaching ~ Virginia Commonwealth University

  • BA, Anthropology & Fine Arts: Art History ~ University of Colorado, Boulder

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