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Self-Care has become such a buzz word these days, but what does it really mean? In our fast- paced, worked-obsessed, technological-driven world, more and more people struggle with burn-out, stress, overwhelm, depression and more. 

It's increasingly common for people to run themselves ragged to the point where self-care becomes an afterthought or a clean-up the mess concept. To some, self-care might look extreme, like completely vacating your life or spending the day in pj's just to get caught up on sleep. 

     What if self-care wasn't picking up the fallen pieces of burnout?


     What if you could incorporate small changes into your everyday         routine?


     What if these changes nourished you and left you with more

     energy and joy, rather than feeling drained and exhausted?

Slowing down and creating ritual supporting your inner-self and outer spaces will help you reconnect to your passion and rediscover joy, even in the mundane. These classes are designed to help you create magic and beauty around the ordinary, which is not only grounding, but healing as well. 

Self-Care Classes 

Classes are coming soon! 

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