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Everyday Rituals for the Modern Woman

What is Ritual?

There are many ways in which ritual shows up in our lives. Ceremony and routine are everyday practices that can make up a ritual, such as how you get ready in the morning or an exercise routine. Ritual is not just some mystical, witchy, voodoo religious rite only performed by ancient druids on a hilltop (although it certainly can be). We see ritual in our everyday lives at sporting events or weddings, even birthday parties.


Ritual is creating purpose around what you are doing while staying in the present moment with consciousness and intention.

This can happen with something simple like washing dishes or by creating space for yourself with a bubble bath or journal writing. 

How does one fit yet another thing into their already busy, jam-packed lives, you might be asking? I have created the following classes to bring sacred ritual into your everyday lives, creating more magic, juiciness and rejuvenation into your body, soul and home. 


Upcoming Classes Coming Soon

  • Seasonal Rituals

  • New/Full Moon Rituals

  • Morning/Nighttime Rituals

  • Bathing Rituals

Sign me up so I can get more information when classes are available!


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