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I've Been Through a Break-up or Divorce

From Heartbreak to Heroine: 

Heal Your Heart, Rebuild Your life

If you have landed here, it is because you have experienced heartbreak at one point in your life, whether it was a recent uncoupling or divorce, it happened years ago, or too many times to count.

The end of a relationship can leaving you feeling devastated, hurt, scared, angry or even numb and disconnected.

You might also be feeling relieved, joyous and free!

If infidelity was part of your story, you may be feeling a sense of betrayal or guilt and shame, depending on which party was unfaithful.

Regardless of how your relationship ended, you are most likely feeling a sense of loss... loss of partnership, loss of identity, or even loss of hope.

You might be feeling stuck or unsure what to do next.

Image by Jude Beck

Hi there, I'm Julie and I am here to tell you that you are not alone! I have been through my own heartbreak including divorce, break-ups, and losing my identity in an unfulfilling relationship.

Part of the process of moving on is to begin healing your heartbreak and wounding. It is my mission to help soulful individuals who feel lost in their current relationship or after a break-up heal and awaken their passion, so they can reclaim their identity, rebuild their lives and create lasting healthy, relationships.

Relationships always start with the one we have with ourselves. Whether you are wanting to start a new relationship or stay consciously single, it is my passion to help you feel alive again. By tapping into the sacred feminine and rediscovering yourself, you can live a life full of empowerment, magic, lusciousness and freedom to be who you truly are!


Your Personal Transformation Includes:

  • Support customized to fit YOUR needs

  • Non-judgmental guidance on your specific journey

  • Heal from the loss of relationship

  • Rediscover your identity

  • Regain confidence

  • Reignite your passion, purpose & dreams

  • Transformation to create the life you want to live

  • Reconnect with your sexuality and sensuality

  • Live a juicy, luscious, and magical life

  • Build a loving relationship with yourself

  • Release unhealthy relationship patterns

  • Feel open to find love again

  • Remove the blocks that keep you stuck

  • Let go of the "shoulds" and shame

  • Bring more magic, creativity and beauty into life

  • Create supportive daily self-care practices

  • Spiritual connection with everyday living

  • Learning to shine, show up as your true self, no longer hiding who you are

  • And more!

Do you need support in your healing from your current or past relationship?

Click below to schedule your Free consultation to see how I may be of service and if we are a good fit!

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