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Psychotherapy For Individuals & Couples  


Relationship support specialties:

  • Deepen and strengthen any relationship -(romantic, familial, co-worker)

  • Uncoupling and break-ups

  • Challenges in your current or new relationship

  • Support with Infidelity

  • Learning healthy communication skills

  • Divorce recovery

  • Support with intimacy

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Parenting coaching and support

  • Connecting to your sexuality

  • Women's issues

  • Mindfulness based therapy

  • Art therapy

  • And more


What is the Difference Between Coaching & Psychotherapy?



Coaching tends to be a more pragmatic, direct approach- a collaborative journey. Session are often strength focused and goal driven. While time may be spent uncovering and working through blocks, deeper traumatic wounds are generally not addressed. This process is designed for folks who are ready to make major change and shifts. My role as a coach may be similar to that as a guide or mentor along your path and journey.  



Counseling or psychotherapy tends to be more process oriented and generally less goal directive. In therapy, one might need to address past trauma before moving forward. Healing in therapy is still a collaborative experience, but often forward momentum is slower as these wounds are addressed and uncovered. This process is for folks who have more past issues to process. My role as a therapist is to hold a safe container on your healing  journey.

If you'd like to learn more about the distinction between coaching and psychotherapy, check out the following article: Therapy vs. Coaching.

Still not sure which is right for you? 

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