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Pleasure, Passion, Creativity 
The Relationship w
ith Yourself

Sometimes in life we get to a place where we are on the literal machine- going through the steps and motions of day-to-day existence. The problem is we feeling numb, disconnected, and maybe even a little depressed. 

When we are not tuned into ourselves, we can fall into a place of desolation so quickly and deeply, it may feel like a bottomless pit that you can never escape.

So, when was the last time you did something for you?


Something that truly felt good for the pure pleasure of it?

We have been told that passion and pleasure are a privilege or not realistic, but that is a load of crap!


It is time to fall in love with yourself and live your most juicy, luscious, radiant life, on your terms!

Hi There! I'm Julie

I am here to tell you that you that living a life with anything less than your desires is plain bulls@%t!

You might be wanting to give all of the yeah-buts...

  ~ Yeah, but I don't have time for myself

  ~ Yeah, but I'm don't have the money for extravagance

  ~ Yeah, but my family, my partner, my work...and the list goes on            and on

I get it, I've been there! I've been on the hamster wheel. I've been through divorce, depression, single parenthood, numerous soul sucking careers and more.

The one thing I have learned through it all is that life is unbearable without pleasure and creativity.

Pleasure can come in many forms and entice any of the senses. It can be sensual or sexual, through food, fantasy, travel, reading, music, or creativity, etc. What you find pleasurable is entirely up to you!


By tapping into your pleasure and senses, you can live a life full of radiance, magic, lusciousness and freedom to be who you truly are!




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Looking to bring more sensual, luscious pleasure into your life? 

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Client Love


"When I came to Julie I was a mess. I had just gone through a rough divorce and felt just plain lost. Julie not only helped my heal, but really, truly find myself again. There were parts of me that I kept hidden and shutdown in my marriage. I was always afraid to be myself and then got to a point where I didn't even know who that was anymore. My work with Julie was not only incredibly supportive, it was powerful. She brings a certain amount of truth, humor and non-judgment that really helped me get through one of the darkest times of my life.   Working with her was worth every penny! I now have the strength and self-confidence to be me and I am even ready to start dating again. I can't thank her enough for her support and encouragement



"Please, please, if you are “stuck” or “in a rut” like I was, invite Julie’s calm, caring presence in to help! She created a safe space for me to process several areas of my life where things just weren’t working anymore. More importantly, she helped me to allow myself permission to feel the things I did and to begin to release that which wasn’t serving my highest good. She helped me to see that starting over isn’t a weakness and that much strength and excitement can be found forging a new path. Julie reconnected me with my spiritual practices that had fallen by the wayside as I struggled to “keep my head above water.” I’m still in the process of doing the work we’ve discussed, but when I’m ready to take the next steps, guess who I’m calling? 



"When COVID19 hit the world, I started to reevaluate my goals and purpose. I was increasingly becoming more and more discouraged.  I stumbled upon Julie's name from social media. I immediately reached out to her for some guidance. Little did I know that through our weekly sessions, I not only figured out my goals and purpose but she helped me DREAM again. 12 years of being a stay at home mom, then turned corporate job, I now wake up each morning with a pep in my step ready to conquer the world! Thanks Julie, for believing in me and helping me DREAM!"



"I've attended two of Julie's classes, one as a guest and another as a host.  What she's taught me has helped me so much with reducing anxiety and tension in my life.  And she is such a friendly, down to earth person!  If you have a chance to work with her, do it!  It's so worth it!"


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