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Creating a Relationship with Your Body: Loving Yourself At Any Age, Shape or Size

"Twinkies, diet coke, baby carrots, frozen pizzas and the occasional visit to Taco Bell were some of the staples of my diet throughout high school. While I was able to run relatively smoothly and maintain a fit body in my teens, my 20’s began to see the downfall of what was once a speedy metabolism.

My whole adult life has felt like a constant battle with weight and yo-yo-ing up and down 40-50 pounds over the last few decades. I’ve gained and lost through two pregnancies, a divorce, over compensating by becoming a triathlete, gaining it back through stress eating, going back to grad school, sprinkled with years of off and on depression and struggling at life in general as a single mom. You name it, I have gained and lost weight throughout life experiences .

The messaging I received from family, the media and social constructs broken down to its most simplest essence was: thin=good, fat=bad. If I was not thin, then I could not have what I wanted in life. No one would ever love me at my heaviest weight. How could I ever be successful with plus sized pants?..."

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