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4 Steps to Overcome Burnout & Fatigue

As we are getting ready to start (or may have started depending where you live) the strangest school year ever, I am already hearing numerous cries of people feeling burnt out and suffering from adrenal fatigue. This can be from work, back-to-school or the overall 2020 shit-show that continues to literally plague our world.

When you get into this state, it's important to replenish and nourish yourself so you can get back to your daily life and take care of yourself. It's impossible to support anyone else if you are drained and exhausted.

In this video, I share my personal experience with burnout and provide 4 steps to start feeling better now! These can serve as an initial springboard to other steps, but if you don't start here, chances are you won't get very far. As always, please leave a comment and share your story!

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